• Casting of all kinds of ferrous alloys

    Machine Sazi Tabriz Foundry Co., with 40 years of experience in producing all kinds of iron alloys, is one of the largest foundry companies in Iran.

  • Producing 18,000 tons foundry and 250 tons of forging pieces

    The company has the ability to produce 18,000 tons of cast iron castings from 100 grams to 10 tons of various cast iron alloys such as gray iron, ductile iron, cast resin cast iron, hard cast iron and anti-foam cast iron and forging parts up to 250 tons from 200 grams to 200 kilograms The hammer is forged and free.

  • Equipped with fully automated and semi-automatic workshops

    A fully automated dysamatic moulding workshop, semi-automatic workshop and heavy-duty workshop with 5 induction melt furnaces with a capacity of 8 tons and two furnaces with a total capacity of 100 tons

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